POTAIN cranes for sale.

As the official distributor for the entire country Stirnimann GmbH is your point of contact in Austria for all matters involving POTAIN cranes. And we also offer used cranes via MachineryPark.

Since it was founded in La Clayette in France in 1928 POTAIN has been the global market leader in tower cranes. To date more than 100,000 bottom-slewing and top-slewing cranes have been sold and erected worldwide. Today, POTAIN offers a selection of over 60 models which are produced internationally in factories in France, Italy, Portugal and China.

We offer 5 year Stirnimann guarantees on all brand new cranes. And if required we can also offer convenient financing via the BNP Paribas Lease Group.


Remote controls from Potain

In addition to the top-slewer or bottom-slewer which best suits your building project we also offer the necessary accessories including remote controls from Potain as well as ongoing maintenance and repair using original spare parts.

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