POTAIN HUP M 28-22 - Theory & practice training


A theory & practice training for the HUP M 28-22, led by Stirnimann and Potain Manitowoc, was held at the Krückl Bau site in early October 2021.

The training was attended by employees from several companies in the region. In addition to the host of the company Krückl Bau, there were also participants from Mayr Bau, Kieninger and EW Bau. The company Rieder and Laurer also came from Tyrol to Perg in Upper Austria.

The interest of the training participants in the new HUP technology was enormous. Especially in the practical part, the training manager from POTAIN Manitowoc showed the participants the advantages in handling during installation, service and maintenance.

We would like to thank the company Krückl Bau for providing the training rooms and the catering for the participants, and wish all training participants much success with their Potain cranes of the latest generation.

If you are also interested in training on Potain cranes, please do not hesitate to contact us.