Stirnimann Austria will not be held back by the current Covid-19 pandemic.


The existing restrictions on travel in Europe have meant that all training dates for fitters and service technicians in recent months have been cancelled. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to estimate when normal operations can be resumed in terms of training.

Therefore, Stirnimann Austria has been looking for a suitable solution in order to be able to teach its customers and sales partners the latest POTAIN technology on site.
Stirnimann invested in a modern video conferencing system at the Trumau location, which makes it possible to impart the required knowledge "live" directly by the training managers of the manufacturer POTAIN.

This means that the theoretical part of the training can be conveyed interactively on site without having to travel across Europe. This minimizes costs, time and also the risk!

In the currently offered "CCS1 - Course" the newest POTAIN CCS - technology is imparted. The participants are introduced to the special features of this new technology. Among other things, the settings of the safety devices are taught, as well as the basic knowledge for troubleshooting and also the correct and safe handling of the integrated work area limitation is trained in the long term.

The practical exercises can be carried out on the brand-new POTAIN topless crane MDT 139, which was specially assembled for this purpose at the Stirnimann Trumau storage yard.
During the entire course in theory and practice, our customers are accompanied by the factory-trained employees of Stirnimann. This ensures maximum knowledge transfer at all times.

Once again STIRNIMANN Austria impressively proves that we have a suitable solution for every challenge. 

Trumau, February 2021