We present the new Potain IGO T99 fast erecting crane


Anyone evaluating construction cranes in Austria cannot avoid the Stirnimann company.
The company counts well-known companies from the construction industry, the transport sector, industry and the public sector among its customers. Now Stirnimann GmbH in Austria presents the new Potain IGOT99 fast erecting crane, which can convince with an improved outreach and load capacity with a compact footprint, thus filling the gap between the IGOT85A and IGOT130.

The advantages of the Potain IGOT99 at a glance:

telescopic fast erecting crane
lifting capacity of 6 t and an outreach of 48 m,
and a hook height of 38.5 m (with horizontal boom position).

Compact transport dimensions,
a manageable footprint and an innovative unfolding method save space on the way to the construction site and when setting up the crane in confined spaces.

The technical aspects:
With a boom length of 45 m, lifting loads of up to 1.5 to is possible, and an impressive 1.2 to in a configuration with the full 48-m jib. These loads can be realized at reduced speeds without an electronic auxiliary load curve. It achieves its hook height of 38.5 m with the boom horizontal, and even 56.5 m with the 30° boom pitch.

For maximum versatility on the job site, the Igo T99 can work with six different boom lengths: 
- 31,7 m
- 32 m (with boom folded)
- 33,8 m
- 40 m
- 45 m
- 48 m

The crane can be equipped with three additional mast elements, making seven working heights of 20.5 - 38.5 m possible. One mast element is 6 m long and can be climbed in within about 30 minutes, which is unique on the market.

Compactness and simplicity: 
Transport to the construction site is almost child's play thanks to the compactness of the Igo T99. Equipped with axles designed for a maximum speed of 80 km/h, its overall transport length is just 15.65 m and its height is 4 m. 

Its footprint measures just 4.5 x 4.5 m when erected, and a new deployment mechanism allows the crane to be erected in confined spaces in close proximity to buildings. A 480 V/60 Hz and a 400 V/50 Hz power supply are provided to drive the crane.